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About The Steel Blooms & Billets

Experience the strength with Steel Blooms & Billets

They are semi-finished steel products, Blooms are basically larger billets and are obtained by the continuous casting of steel or rolling ingots on a rolling mill. They are used as a starting material in the production process of other long products.

Bars are rolled from billets, Merchant bar and reinforcing bar (rebar) are two common categories of bars. Merchant bars include rounds, flats, angles, squares, and channels that are used by fabricators to manufacture furniture, stair railings, and farm equipment.

Smooth Finishing
Durable Standard
Easy to Handle
Blooms & Billets uses

Major Industries


These are is used to strengthen concrete in highways, bridges and buildings.


Required in making Heavy vehicles and in all the constituents of Heavy machinery.


Required in making Railway engines, coaches, tracks and more.

Many More

Various types of machineries are manufactured, using Steel Blooms & Billets.

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