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We make our Steel Blooms from the best quality ingredients and use state of the art technology. We understand the versatile needs of our clients and ensure that our products meet their discerning demands. Made to match precise size and shape requirements, they have found takers amongst clients in various industry sectors.
Narayani Steels produces a wide range of special and alloy steel conforming to international standards. The product Sizes and grades are as follows:
Diameter : 100X100, 125X125, 130X130, 150X150, 200X200, 250X250, 320X250

Classification IS EN DIN AISI / SAE JIS
Mild Steel C5 2A/2B C10 1008 S9CK
IS:2062 EN-3B/A CK-10 1010/1012 S10C
2830 EN-32B CK-15 1015 S15C
2831 S235 CK-25 1018
15CB EN3A St37.2/CK22 1020 S20C
20CB ASTM-A36 C22.8 1025 S25C
Medium Carbon Steel 1029S
30C8 EN-8 CK-30 1030 S30C
35C8 EN-8A CK-35 1035 S35C
40C8 EN-8D CK-40 1040
45C8 EN43B CK-45 1045 S45C
50C8 CK-50 1050
55C8 EN9 CK-55 1055 S55C
CK-60 1060
EN18 41Cr4/40Cr4 5140 SCr440
20C15 1524S
Spring Steel IS:3431 EN-45 50Si7 5155 SUP-9
EN-45A 55Si7 5160 SUP-9A
60Si7 9260 SUP-11
65Si7 SUP-11A
Carbon Manganese 37C15 EN-15 St52.3 1524
EN-15B 1541 SUM420
Chrome Manganese 16Mn5cr4 16Mncr5
20Mn5cr5 20Mncr5
High Carbon EN43D CK65 1065 S58C