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We encourage participative leadership with team members and peers as input in decision making

Kishan Lal Choudhary

Mr. Kishan Lal Choudhary the Company derives its vision, direction and values from its leadership to a large extent. Mr. Kishan Lal Choudhary, Co-Founder, Narayani Steels ltd has led the way by example throughout the journey of the company. He has been consistent in his ambition for Narayani Steels not only for the benefit of its stakeholders but also to bring richness to the industry in our country. With his emphasis on innovation and maintaining impeccable quality, Narayani has spread its wings and today exports to SARCC Countries. At the same time the company remains committed to a sustainable and eco friendly approach that reduces carbon footprint and leads to conscious growth.

Mr Sunil Choudhary

Mr. Sunil Choudhary, Chairman Narayani Steels Ltd is a visionary and a name the company looks up to for guidance. Known for his business acumen coupled with a socially relevant perspective, he has been the driving force behind many crucial decisions and initiatives of the company. Narayani Steels has achieved many milestones in his presence and there are newer horizons to conquer in the future. With a highly motivated Chairman, the company remains on the right path. Working tirelessly for the growth of Narayani Steels and its people, Mr. Choudhary is a much loved name in the company.