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Narayani Steels is all about setting an example, going off the beaten path
to lead the way for others. We will chart our journey to the pinnacle of quality with innovation, sustainability and values on our side.

In just over two decades, Narayani Steels has made its presence felt across the length and breadth of the industry. Today, we are one of the leading ISO certified companies in the metal industry. While steel and coal trading, and manufacturing of Hot Rod Steel is at the heart of our business, we have diversified to offer logistic, infrastructure and supply chain management services.

We have become the trusted supplier for Steel and other related products to clients in different parts of India and internationally as well. The trust has been gained because of the quality of our supplies that are on par with the best in the world. We also offer exceptional service and maintain a huge steel stock yard so that our clients never run out of options.

Our steel production is driven by International patented German Technology and led by innovation. It has helped us create products that match the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Indian Standards Institute (ISI). In two decades, our turnover has grown from Rs. 10 crores to Rs. 2000 crores. And we believe that’s just the beginning for us.