Narayani Mild Steel Angles are Cost - Effective & Long lasting

About The MS Angles

Experience the strength with MS Angles

We supply Mild Steel Angles which are widely used in construction and fabrication industry. We distribute these steel angles with quality Mild Steel using high grade raw material.

Our products are offered with stiffness, strength and hardness; it is used in brackets, frames, reinforcements and trims,among various other applications.Moreover, we offer outputs in various sizes and shapes so as to satisfy distinguished requirements of the customers.We trade NARAYANI & VIZAG brands.

Smooth Finishing
Durable Standard
Easy to Handle
MS Angles


Superior strength

Having high strength, stiffness & ductile properties, its most commonly used materials in construction.

Rust resistance

Higher corrosion resistance and seismic resistance compared to CTD.


steel is one of the most sustainable material choices available to decision makers.


The ability to resist events like fire explosions or the consequences of human error without being damaged.

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